Abdel Piedramartel

Program Specialist Mortgage Loan Officer

With more than 15 years of professional experience, Abdel is driven by the belief that people’s ability to manage their personal finances is the path for them to achieve their financial goals. As a grants program analyst, Abdel supports small businesses, providing them with technical assistance so they can be successful in the grant application process. Prior to joining CFE, he worked as a Services Manager for an immigrant-serving nonprofit organization in Baltimore, where he supported clients with financial education, workforce development, and tax preparation. Additionally, Abdel is a Certified Financial Counselor and has served as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site manager for 12 years.

Abdel was awarded the 2018 Financial Education and Capability Award by the Maryland House of Delegates for exemplifying excellence in financial education. He also has worked on programs related to healthcare access and education for immigrants and English Language Learners. Abdel lives in Southeast Baltimore with his wife and two children and enjoys traveling, hiking, and astronomy.