Information for Homeowners

Mortgage Refinance

Borrowers considering refinance must first notify CFH of their intent to refinance. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld and is a preventative measure against predatory lending. In most cases CFH will approve the refinance and work with the new first trust mortgage provider to complete the necessary paperwork seamlessly. You can find a copy of the intent to refinance form here.


Home Improvement

If homeowners plan to make an improvement or renovation to their home, we ask that homeowners first notify CFH of their intent to renovate. Using the Capital Improvement form homeowners can send CFH the details on their renovation and attach receipts for their file. CFH staff will follow up with the borrower to confirm receipt of the information.  Any eligible capital improvement credit will be determined at the time the property is sold. We recommend an appraisal be conducted when the property is sold to determine the value of the capital improvement credit.


Notice of Intent to Sell

City First Homes would like to make the sale process as easy as possible for you. If you have conducted an appraisal or have worked with a real estate agent to set the sales price, please provide that information on the Intent to Sell form. This will help CFH staff determine the amount of shared appreciation and the amount of proceeds due back to you after repayment of the recoverable grant. This information will help you plan for you next steps. Preparing the resale form typically takes us two or three business days. If you have questions about selling your home and are not quite ready to fill out the Intent to sell form, reach out to us at


Do you have a question about your loan? Please feel free to reach out to us at 202-745-4490 or email us at